Pistacia Lentiscus

(Organic Mastic Tri-hydrolat)

Mastic is a shrub which is cultivated for its aromatic resin, growing in dry and rocky areas in Mediterranean Europe. It can resist even to the most adverse environmental conditions: the tri-hydrolat is obtained through distillation of its essential oil, coming from certified organic agriculture.


It is well known for its balsamic, toning and refreshing properties, and it is used also to purify and perfume the air. Our Mastic Tri-hydrolat is distilled for three times, in order to obtain a concentrated product, rich in virtues.


  • It preserves the natural cutaneous hydration
  • It has revitalizing properties
  • It oxygenates the tissues
  • It gives the skin a fresher appearance
  • It strengthens the natural cutaneous defences and protects the skin from aggressions

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