Multi Action Complex

(Multi Action Complex)

The complex derives from the combination of two plant extracts in a glycerin excipient: Albizia Julibrissin, a tree originated from Asia, and Siegesbeckia Orientalis, also known as “St. Paul’s Wort”.


Multi Action Complex has been formulated to oppose the negative effects of glycation and, being rich in darutoside, it strongly stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis. For the first time in the cosmetic industry, this active ingredient demonstrates a lifting action on the sagging upper eyelid, offering a gentle alternative to invasive surgery.


  • It visibly lifts the eyelid from 20% to 91% after 2 months
  • It fills wrinkles reducing their volume by 34% and their depth by 33% after 2 months
  • It lightens dark circles under the eyes reducing the intensity of the bluish colour by 30% and of the reddish colour by 32% after 2 months

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