Hamamelis Virginiana


Witch-hazel, or Hamamelis, is a plant very similar to the hazelnut, originated from Virginia (USA): American Natives used it to cure wounds thanks to its healing properties, as well as in their propitiatory rites. It is very attractive as an ornamental plant, and from the distillation of its leaves it is possible to obtain an interesting aromatic water.


Hamamelis bark and leaves contain a high concentration of soluble tannins and flavonoids, with astringent and purifying properties. The use of Hamamelis Water is recommended to regenerate and sooth impure skins, and to decongest delicate skins.


  • It removes sebum excess
  • It has an astringent action on pores
  • It soothes irritations and cutaneous discomfort
  • It tones up and refreshes the skin

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