Solum Fullonum

(Green Clay)

Green clay is a substance widely used in phytotherapy and cosmetics. It is made of a mixture of mineral compounds derived from the erosion of granite rocks and by the following laying down of weathered material. Its typical green colour depends on the great quantity of trivalent iron contained in the substance.


Green clay has always been used to prepare compresses for skincare and against irritations, but also for muscle problems and joint pains. In cosmetics we value its purifying, exfoliating, antibacterial, re-mineralizing and deodorant properties. Its effectiveness derives from its peculiar macromolecular structure.


  • It neutralizes many toxins, viruses and bacteria
  • It balances sebum production
  • It has a strong antibacterial action
  • It stimulates tissues and cell regeneration
  • It stabilizes pH

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