Vaccinium Myrtillus


Blueberry can be found in woods and moorland: it is a small shrub with a 50 cm height, with pendant flowers and “false” berries with an indigo-violet colour. Vaccinium Myrtillus is a plant belonging to the Ericacee family, to be used in different ways in order to enjoy its many properties. In the Nordic tradition, it was considered a real amulet that could protect from bad luck


Blueberry extract is obtained from the juice of its fruits, through squeezing and centrifuging. It is extremely rich in Vitamin P, flavonoids and anthocyanosides, powerful antioxidants that guarantee many benefits for the health of the skin


  • It reduces capillary fragility and permeability
  • It ensures the optimal functioning of capillaries
  • It improves the resistance of the blood vessels walls
  • It increases the elasticity of the connective tissues

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